How to have a covid secure dog photo shoot in Guildford

If the pandemic has shown you one thing, it is how much your dog supports you and your family. I feel the same way, I couldn’t have done it without my “monsters”.

If you would love to record this beautiful bond, but you are wondering whether there is such a thing as a covid secure dog photo shoot in Guildford, you are not alone. The good news is, there is.

Apart from the government’s advice, I have also taken guidance from the Pet Industry Federation on best practice to make my photo shoots safe for you.

These are the steps I am taking to make sure you can enjoy your dog photo shoot, just as much as you used to.


Before your photo shoot

Before I come to your photo shoot, all my equipment including the bag I carry it in are wiped down with anti-viral solution.

All clothes I wear including overcoats are freshly washed, so there is no chance I will have picked up the virus on my clothes before meeting you.


During your photo shoot

All my photo shoots are outside and I will adhere to social distancing guidelnes at all times. I have adjusted my equipment to give you the same quality and style photos as you are used to from me without having to get close to you.
And since my photo shoots are documentary rather than posed, there is no need for me to touch you or your dog. But…

….your dog might not understand this not-saying-hello-malarky and run up to me to check me out. To minimise the risk of virus transmission via your dog’s coat, I will be wearing a face mask. I will also use hand sanitiser throughout your photo shoot.

While I try to avoid touching your dog, we all know that especially puppies wholeheartedly disagree with not being fussed.
While I will try to minimise physical contact with your dog, it might be a good idea for you to wipe your puppy’s or very friendly dog’s coat down with a damp cloth after the photo shoot. Or give them a bath. But if you do give them a bath, please don’t tell them I suggested it!

cute puppy blowing bubbles in water

Toes not nose! Always check the water temperature before climbing into the bath.


What you need to do 

All you need to remember is to adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines.

I do not expect you to wear a mask. And as long as we stick to the rules, it shouldn’t be a problem. If, however, you want to document the strangeness of these times by wearing a mask or visor in your photos, I’m cool. We’ll make it a feature.


Staying safe

The above described measures are in line with guidelines and recommendations at the time of writing this blog. Of course, things develop as scientists learn more about the virus and how it spreads. I will adjust any measures in line with the latest guidelines and professional recommendations.

If you have any questions about the measures I take, please let me know before your photo shoot.
I am here to create an environment you feel safe in and can enjoy your photo shoot without worry.

Apart from one off photo shoots which are always available to book, I also still have a small number of spaces on the photo shoot birthday program including discounts and priority booking. You can find more information on my website and get in touch quickly to avoid missing out on this limited offer!

I am looking forward to hearing about your dog!