Yorkie Birthday Photo Shoot on the Beach

What better way to celebrate a 13th birthday we didn’t expect to see than a photo shoot on the beach!

You might have read my blog about never having enough photos of my dogs after Aidan had fallen ill. At the time I wrote this, he seemed to be bouncing back. However he got worse again, a lot worse. We did not expect him to see this birthday, but here he is!

Coinciding with the first easing of lockdown was Aidan’s birthday. And glorious sunshine.

So we packed the campervan, booked a parking space and spend a day at the beach for a parents and dogs only birthday party.

We also did the photo shoot we had so long waited for. Complete with Aidan’s lockdown hippie hairdo. 

He had a blast of a day. Couldn’t get enough of the beach and the sunshine…

…and kept wandering out of his own photo shoot.

Relaxing in the sun after the shoot. Being a supermodel is tiring, apparently.

Looking at the photos, I notice just how much he has changed over time. We will be doing another birthday photo shoot next year, I hope.  

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