Border Terrier Puppy Photo Shoot in Surrey

Look at that, my clients do have the most beautiful dogs in the whole of Surrey.

May I introduce you to this little beauty: Bonnie, the 13 week old border terrier. Can you belive the cuteness!
Yes, I am in love. And yes, I did ask whether I can keep her, Her mum said no.

But I am allowed to see her again! Because Bonnie is part of my puppy program, which means we do regular photo shoots to document just how quickly she is growing up. I hope not too quickly though. She is just sooo cute!

I will now hand over the keyboard to Bonnie, and let her tell the story of her first photo shoots in my Puppy Photo Shoot Program.

Border Terrier puppy photo shoot Surrey

Straight from the puppies mouth: What is my Puppy Photo Shoot in Surrey like?

Hey, Bonnie here. The cutest puppy on Earth. Mum said so!

Lovely you come to see me here! Do you want to hear about the last person who came to visit me?

She came to visit me in my garden actually. Poor thing was muzzled. She seemed nice enough, so I tried to take her muzzle off, but she kept putting it back on. Odd, really! Don’t you think?
In the end, I decided if she doesn’t mind wearing a muzzle, I don’t need to worry about it. So I went back to the important stuff.

Like checking my edible toys…vegetables! I suspect we had run out of saussages.

cute border terrier puppy dog photo shoot in Surrey

And then, ooohh, I found a stone. Who else likes stones? They are so slippery and clicky and every one is different. It’s great stuff!

border terrrier puppy playing photo shoot in surrey

Sticks are even better. So chewey and fighty. And there are lots in my garden. Some are even attached to the ground!

border terrier puppy playing with a stick

Once done with the earth things, I went to inspect my pool. Because not all is games, girl got a job to do, right.

border terrier puppy padding pool

There was something in the water…

cutet puppy playing in the water professional puppy photo shoot in Surrey

…a very mysterious thing that kept getting away from me…

border terrier puppy climbing into paddling pool

…if only I could reach a little further!

cute puppy blowing bubbles in water

Hmmm, didn’t smell of anything. Since it did swim from me and not smelled of anything but water up my nose, I decided it was harmless and boring. And in any case, it was time for my belly rub.

boder terrier puppy being cute surrey dog photographer

But mum had gone to put her walking shoes on… and this is how we happened to take the muzzled human on a walk.

border terrier puppy waiting by a staircase

I’ve got to say, she is rubbish at sticking with the pack. Always a few meters behind or in front of us.

border terrier puppy on a lead

I had to fetch her loads of times or she would have gotten lost.

funny border terrier puppy running photo

One time she tricked me. She appeared back with my mum after she had walked off in front of us. I’m sure she did that by magic.

puppy and owner having a run

So I realised, if she can do magic, she can magic her way back home if we lose her. That was good, because it meant I could concentrated at my usual work: collecting biscuits from mum.

Look at me: I’m totally rocking this job!

border terrier puppy learning sit command

There was also grass and twigs and bugs to inspect. I’m telling you, I’m so busy!

border terrier puppy photo shoot in Dorking

On our way home, mum needed a cuddle. Which is cool, because I really enjoy the view. The world is so different up here!

But now, you lovely people, I gotta go. I had a very busy day and it’s time for a nap. See you again soon everyone!
Love, Bonnie

tired border terrier puppy

So, that was Bonnie’s first photo shoot. Did you enjoy her account of it?

I have to say, I think she has done a great job at describing my photo shoots. It is all fun, no boring poses. That’s how we roll.

There is one thing Bonnie didn’t tell you about, and that is that she has got another job: helping her mum at work.
Mum, sorry, Emily is a yoga instructor and Bonnie helps, as you can see in this photo.

dog yoga with puppy photo shoot in surrey Emily Etheridge Yoga

I highly recommend signing up to Emily’s newsletter. Yeah, the yoga info is great but it often contains Bonnie updates, and who wouldn’t want those!
This way to Emily’s website:

I would recommend joining one of Emily’s yoga classes, but I don’t want to sound like a billboard, so I won’t.
Just a little bit of yogic bragging: Since joining Emily’s classes, I have reached my toes without bending my knees for the first time in my life. Yay!

But enough of the bragging!

Yes, Bonnie did indeed try to pull my face mask off. While Corona is about, I am taking measures to protect you. That includes wearing a mask. If you want to know what I do to make your puppy photo shoot in Surrey covid secure, please ready my blog post.

What’s that Puppy Photo Shoot Program Bonnie is doing?

Bonnie’s puppy photo shoot is part of my Dog Birthday Photo Shoot Program.

The program consists of regular photo shoots to build a set of professional photos showing the stages of her growing up, rather than just having a collection of mobile phone snaps, where half of them blurry and the other half are such low resolution you can’t really see any detail or zoom in.
Yes, I know this because my phone is full of them, too.

Realising that I only had lots of low resolution photos of my dogs when they were younger, gave me the idea for the program.

For puppies I recommend we do five photo shoots over the first two years of their life, and for grown up dogs, we do one every year. Of course, signing up to the program is cheaper than booking individual photo shoots. So double benefits! What’s not to love.

If you can’t commit to three or five photo shoots in advance, that’s cool. Just sign up to my pay-as-you-go birthday program and start saving from your second photo shoot.

To find out more about my photo shoots or the birthday program, please contact me. The number of slots for the birthday photo shoot program are limited, so make sure to get in touch quickly.

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Walk the dog, have a lovely day! Speak soon!