Dog Birthday Program

Don’t just make memories, build your treasure chest of keepsakes!

It couldn’t be easier with regular photos shoots. Subscribe to my birthday calendar for guaranteed regular fun and save some biscuit money, too.



The idea
Because they change so quickly, it is important to build up a record of our time with (wo)man’s best friends.

In German there is a saying: “The shoemaker has the worst shoes.” And that is certainly true here. Way too often, I just forgot to pick up the work tools (i.e. the camera) when walking my own dogs, meaning I don’t have as many photos of them as you would expect.
That’s why I started to do birthday photo shoots for my dogs. I love how we are building a set of photos for each phase of their lives, creating a full record of their fabulous-ness.

I want to share this keepsake builder with you by offering a Dog Birthday Program.

How does it work?

The birthday photo shoot is a great way of building up a record of fun days with your dog that you will love to look back at. By doing a shoot on or around their birthday or gotcha-day, you are guaranteed to have great photos from every phase of their live.

Some of my programs include an accordion album to fill up with your favourite photos from our shoots. You can fold it up and keep i tlike any photo album or ou can stand it up and use as a picture frame.

All you have to do is sign up your dog to my birthday calendar and choose an option. I will contact you shortly before your dog’s birthday every year to book in your photo shoot.


I have more than one dog...

This is a family or pack* photo shoot. You can all be in the photos!

You can sign all your dogs up for the birthday reminders. All you need to do is pick on whose birthday we have a photo shoot, but it is up to you to explain that to your other furry kids.
Or have a birthday photo shoot for each one. Let’s discuss options.


*whichever one you call your human-canine family

What are the options?
You can sign up for the rolling program or the three-year program for annual photo shoots, or to the puppy program for a much more regular photo shoot to keep up with your puppy’s rapid development.

Please see section 2 below for details about each program.



Why should I sign up?
Why shouldn’t you! Here are just some of the reasons:

1. You keep forgetting your dog’s birthday and she is beginning to notice. My reminders will sort that and my fun photo shoots will be a welcome birthday gift, too.

2. You will be building a regular record of beautiful photos from fun days with your dogs which you will love to look back at and see how she has changed over time.

3. It will be cheaper than booking indivitual photo shoots. Better than just getting a percentage off my photo shoots, if you sign up for the Hat-Trick or Quintessential programs, you will continue to only pay the current price for my service.

4. The best dates fill up quickily. Dogs on my birthday list, get priority booking.

Where do I sign up?
Fill in the contact form on the bottom of this page, select which program you are interested in and I will be in touch to talk dogs and photo shoot options.
Where are your photo shoot locations?
I am a Guildford based dog photographer and I regularly photograph in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. But I am happy to travel to other regions on request. I have been as far as Cornwall in the past, so don’t hesitate to ask.
What is the puppy shoot program?
Puppies change so quickly, that they are basically irrecognisable after 6 months.
To ensure you have a record of all their stages from the inital sleepiness, followed by the goofyness and to the getting up to no good stage, I offer a five-photo-session program for puppies.

While my other programs are for annual photo shoots, I recommend that with puppies we have photo shoots every two to three months until they are one year old and every 4 to 6 monthly thereafter until the age of 2 years. Together we will work out a shooting schedule that is right for your dog when you book the Quintessential program.

When should we have the Puppy photo shoots?
My recommended photo shoot intervals for puppies are at the ages of 3, 5, 8, 12 and 18 months. This of course depends at the age your puppy is when she arrives and we will decide together what fits best for your puppy.
My puppy can't go to the park yet, what do we do?
I appreciate that a three-month-old puppy has not had all her vaccinations yet and your vet will advice to keep her at home.

Your puppy’s wellbeing is the most important consideration at all my photo shoots, that’s why we will do photo shoot in your garden or home where she is safe and comfortable until she is ready to venture into a big world.

Where do I sign up?
Fill in the contact form on the bottom of this page, select which program you are interested in and I will be in touch to talk dogs and photo shoot options.
About Nadina:

I have been professionally involved with dogs for 12 years and been taking photos of them professionally for the past four years. But really, I have been taking photos of my dogs and other pets my whole life. Two years ago I decided to dedicate myself to photography full-time. Apart from dogs, I also photograph weddings, because I just love happy times.

I also like to travel and am a guest author at where I write about travelling with dogs – what else!



The photos you have taken of our boy are so natural.
Your portrait of him at home is my favourite ever photo!

Clare & Max


2022 prices are on their way!

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Or if you can’t wait, get in touch.

You will always have access to my latest catalogue of printed and keepsake products, like:

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What a great idea!
We had so much fun, I can’t wait for our next photo session.

Andrew, Sweetie & Napoleon

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