Check list: Your Dog’s Luggage for a Camping Trip

Do you always forget something for the dogs when you go travelling? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! It has happened to me many times. But please don’t tell my dogs! I told them they got a new water bowl  because they were such good boys and earned it.

The only real way to make sure you never forget anything, is to make a list and tick things off as you pack. You don’t have to admit that you need a list. You don’t even have to make the list. I am happy to share mine. Just add and subtract as needed.

  • harness for seatbelt
  • crate and straps to secure the crate
  • covers for seats
  • blankets
  • dog beds
  • towels
  • shade (like a windbreaker or a pop up pet tent)
  • tie-out stake and leash or foldable pen
  • collars
  • leads
  • dog coats (warm and waterproof)
  • dog coat for night and drying off
  • carrying sling or cart for not-so-mobile small dog
  • day blanket to take along on hikes and days out
  • foldable water bowl for days out
  • poo bags
  • wet food
  • dry food
  • dry food measuring cup
  • food bowls
  • water bowl
  • water filter bottle
  • chews
  • treats
  • toys
  • dog first aid kit
  • tick tweezers (these should be in every first aid kit, but some come without)
  • medical info and records (if you have a dog with ongoing medical needs)
  • dog’s medication (if needed)
  • microchip number (even the calmest dog can get spooked, having their microchip number can make getting them back quicker)
  • pet insurance deatails and claim form
  • your vet’s contact details (in case the emergency vet needs to check your dog’s medical history)
  • vaccination record or copy of it
  • going abroad: dog passports
  • brushes
  • nail clipper
  • small bottle of dog shampoo (just in case you encounter some delicious fox or cow poo)
  • whatever else your dog can’t live without (for my little man, that’s his favourite blanky)

If you are looking for some general advice about travelling with dogs in camper vans, please see last weeks blog: 10 Things to Remember When Camping with Dogs.



All photos taken by myself, apart from the ones that I am in. They were taken by my husband. Looks like it was worth teaching him photography. 🙂