So you are thinking about getting a little dog for the first time? And you only have lived with big dogs so far? Well, be prepared to have all your premade ideas torn to shreds. I wasn’t prepared, and it was a rollercoaster. So I thought I might share what I have I learnt when adding a Yorkshire Terrier to a pack of Borzois (Borzois are similar to greyhounds) to help you brace yourself for what is coming.

My first concert was whether the big dogs will accept the little one. Or, being a hunting breed, will they eat him? I don’t know what sort of barbarian I took my big guys for, they totally adore him. The little guy is the boss now!
A word of warning: it depends of course on each individual dog. If your dog has been used for hunting, racing or similar activities, they may be more likely be a danger to a little dog than my couch potatoes.

There are lots of misconceptions around little dogs. One of them is that they are less work. They are, in fact, more dangerous to your heart. They know how cute they look and they are not afraid to use it for his own gains! You will go from “no dogs on my sofa” to “come sit on my lap and share my dinner” within a short few months. Beware: It is quicker to brush them and they eat less etc., but otherwise, nope… same wolf, much cuter packaging!
Something else you will change our mind about are dog coats. A one-pint bottle will freeze solid a lot quicker than a five-litre barrel. The same is true for smaller dogs. Of course, it depends also on the breed and whether they have fur or hair, but for little dogs, coats are more than a fashion accessory. Be prepared end up with a collection of small dog coats.
It is not only the cold that little dogs are disproportionately affected by. They are effectively sponges! I am not speaking of rain. I am speaking of what happens after the rain stopped. Think of all the wet grass and puddles! Where I and the big dogs get wet feet, the little one gets totally soaked.
While I love my odd pair, it’s not all sunshine and roses. People love to shout out “oh look, little and large!” Yes, they sound like they think they are the first people ever to notice. Yes, you have heard it 5 times today already. No, you are not allowed to slap them. Try to remember that it is an expression of their joy, and that “little and large” have just brightened up someone else’s day. That’s beautiful, right!

To little and large!