The Great British Camp Out for NHS Staff – Dog Photo Shoot

So, how do you keep your dogs entertained during lockdown? That is something we are all struggling with.

We are a very outdoorsy family, which only makes our dogs’ cabin fever worse. You read that correctly, our dogs’ mental states can only be described as a mild case of cabin fever.

Hedvig has already settle in for the night.

The walks we can take from our house now all bore our borzoi Isla. And our Yorkshire Terrier Aidan keeps boarding his transport box in the utility room on a daily basis. He must thing we are stupid that we don’t get what he is saying.


How to keep your dog entertained during lockdown

It is fair to say, that we were running out of ideas, when I came across a facebook group called The Great British Camp Out for NHS Staff. This was my lightbulb moment!

I have spent the past eight years convincing my husband that we should get a camper, and last November, the VW camper Clementine finally joined our family.
We still got a lot to do to turn the feel from German hospital to British Hippie’s hut, but as it turns out, the dogs love this one stop travel and live-in machine just as much as I do. And my husband (remember, the one who didn’t want a camper) loves it as much as the three of us put together.

But what use is a camper during lockdown?!
Enter Ian from said facebook group. Ian created a justgiving campaign asking campers to donate their pitch fee and camp out in their own gardens and driveways in aid of NHS charities.
We decided to participate as soon as Aidan, who was poorly at the time, had recovered enough.

Camping out on your driveway with dogs during lockdown

The dogs thought it was a great adventure we were going on! Aidan got all excited when he saw me put lots of things in the camper. Once his PJs were on, there was no stopping him. He stood by the door waiting to go camping.

Once the kids entered the camper, they were chilled. They choose their cushions and blankets and settled down.

Camping isn’t camping without snacks. And Aidan insisted to help me chose the ones for them.

But why do all dogs look like starving alligators when taking a cookie from you?!

I had expected we would need to entertain the kids, but they just wanted to hang out, which gave us time to play a board game. Until Aidan showed an unprecedented interest in Ludo. Anyone else’s dog mad on dice?

The beauty of the camper is, that you can just crash where you are sitting, which is what we did. We passed a calm night until we were woken by our milkman’s float at too-early-o’clock in the morning.


The morning after the Great British Campout for NHS

Turns out, our driveway has better views than our bedroom. We had already enjoyed our night-out/in, but who wouldn’t love waking up to a sunrise at the bottom of the bed. Isla clearly loved it!

We duly donated our pitching fee. Ian started the fundraiser hoping to raise £100. By the time of publishing this post, donations have exceeded £160.000. If you would like to check what the current total is, or perhaps participate yourself, or sponsor us, here is the link:

The campout is not officially over until the bedding has been washed. Aidan clearly doesn’t want it to end.
It is safe to say, we will be doing this again. Hopefully, soon.


Photographing your dog in the camper van


I took the camera simply to document our night-out/in for our photo album. If you are following my social media feed, you will know that recently, we almost lost Aidan. He loves travelling, and I would not want to miss the chance to document his love of camping. The photos have far exceeded my own expectations and I already know that they will one day become precious memories.

We all had so much fun, that I have decided to add dogs in campers photo shoots to my lifestyle collection. So if you have a camping dog that would like a photo shoot in your camper or motorhome, get in touch to hear about how we do my strictly un-posed photo sessions.

Or follow me on Instagram and facebook to see examples of my previous lifestyle photo shoots.


Stay healthy, entertain the dog and camp-out/in! I will see you after lockdown.


All photos taken by myself, apart from the ones that I am in. They were taken by my husband. Looks like it was worth teaching him photography. 🙂